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What should I do when the Wi-Fi connection fails during device pairing?

Please follow the steps below:

1. Make sure that the Wi-Fi router is good and functional. You can check it on EZVIZ mobile app by clicking "Network Testing" on the configuration failed page or check if your mobile phone can browse the Internet by turning off data and connecting only to Wi-Fi.

2. For EZVIZ devices that support 2.4G Wi-Fi only, ensure that you connect your mobile phone to 2.4G Wi-Fi before network configuration.

3. Make sure that your Wi-Fi network signal is good. Most EZVIZ devices perform better when the upload speed is higher than 2 Mbps for each camera. You can check your Wi-Fi signal in the EZVIZ mobile app by clicking the profile photo on the top left--Settings--Device Network Tools--Check Wi-Fi Signal.

4. If not good, please follow the steps below to improve your network:

- you can try to move the camera closer to your router, avoid obstacles and interferences such as wall, elevator, microwave, washing machines and Bluetooth devices.

- If possible, unplug some infrequently used devices from your router or reboot the router.

- Try to change the Wi-Fi channel to a less crowded one.

5. Please also review some other network requirements that may help resolve your issue:

- Make sure that DHCP is enabled on your router.

- Verify that IPV6 is turned off on your router.

- Make sure that the blacklist/whitelist firewall settings are turned off on your router.

6. If your camera supports Ethernet cable, you can also try to connect it via cable. Alternatively, if possible, try connecting the camera to another home Wi-Fi.

Last Updated 21/11/2023

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